Our Mission

Accelerate Strategic Growth

About Us

We have a passion for helping management accelerate the growth of lower middle market services companies

Longshore Capital Partners invests alongside founders and management teams in businesses with durable value propositions in growing end-markets. We purchase control positions of services companies in North America with EBITDA ranging from $5 million to $15 million. Our thematic driven investment process is targeted toward specific industries and subsectors within the broader services landscape, including revenue cycle management, technology-enabled business process outsourcing, payments, managed services, and human capital services.

We use a collaborative approach to execute a shared value creation plan with our management teams during ownership. Our investing framework accelerates growth, judiciously expands infrastructure, and strategically positions each platform as an attractive asset for future buyers. Each tailored vision of growth is anchored by the following tenets: revenue enhancement, acquisition strategy, management talent expansion, and productivity implementations.

Our investment philosophy builds lasting businesses in defined market niches alongside best-in-class management teams. We do not rely on financial engineering to achieve returns. We believe our prudent use of leverage limits distractions across economic cycles and optimizes our return horizon without assuming excessive risk.

Investment Criteria

The businesses we target share certain key characteristics

Size / Geography

Platform companies have $5 million to $15 million of EBITDA and are based in North America

Control Transactions

We typically partner with current ownership or management to purchase 51% to 100% of a business

Durable Business Models

Our portfolio companies are resilient through economic cycles

Recurring Revenue

We invest in growing companies with high levels of revenue visibility through contractual, recurring, or reoccurring revenue streams

Secular Tailwinds

We target businesses that are benefiting from long term economic trends

Technology Enablement

We target businesses that will benefit from our prioritization of the enhancement of technology during our hold period


Our specialization in the services economy across targeted subsectors drives value for our companies through our networks and experience

Revenue Cycle

Receivables Management Partners
Brown & Joseph
Revco Solutions

Tech-Enabled BPO

Meta Source


National Gift Card

Managed Services


Human Capital Services

United American Security

Our Team

The co-founders have been active investors in the lower middle market since 2000 and are supported by a team of experienced investment professionals

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Longshore Capital Partners

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